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The Roman Philosopher, Cicero, coined the very familiar statement "To err is human".....
Yet many people don't know the remaining portion of the statement that concludes, "…but to persevere in error is only the act of a fool"!

While the Center for Error Management, CEM, does not regard humans as fools, the Center does believe humans can learn to control error opportunities.  As another famous individual, Pearl S. Buck stated about errors, "Every great mistake has a half-way moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied"!  It is this split second on which CEM wishes to focus human thought processes through training and therefore not persevere in erroneous ways.  Can all errors be stopped?  Can humans become perfect?  Of course not!  But they can become highly effective through better understanding human fallibility!

The Center for Error Management has created a "nuts and bolts" approach to human errors.  The premise is that humans have "mind traps" that control performance.  Some individuals are more susceptible to these traps than others, but it is certain that all humans are controlled to a certain degree.  Through training based on a thesis developed by the commercial aviation industry called Crew Resource Management, CEM has identified these mind traps.  CEM has also identified "tools" with which these "traps" can be combated.  This very successful approach to human conduct is available to all industries and disciplines and can be put to use immediately following the training exercise.  Due to this "nuts and bolts" training in human nature companies have experienced marked improvements in their profitability.  Finally, training meets the bottom line - a concept understood and appreciated by every member of your organization.

Find out how your organization can benefit from this very practical and easily understood program.  Click on the No Obligation Needs Analysis page of this web-site and give your self a quick self assessment of this need.  Then contact us!  We will help you become more profitable.



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