No Obligation Error Management Needs Assessment


The Center for Error Management provides consulting assistance in a variety of situations that implement and sustain Error Management. If you are presently contemplating any of the questions below, please call us at 303-601-6074 to set up a no obligation Error Management needs assessment:

1. Does the company’s Quality anomaly system attribute a large number of incidents to operator (human) error?

2. Would experienced and unbiased assistance help in the closure of an emotional incident or accident?

3. Is there a concern about the presence of prime or systemic factors related to the occurrence of an incident or accident?

4. Are you experiencing an unusual amount of recurrence of certain incidents or accidents?

5. Are company teams experiencing difficulty in working together to achieve desired product quality?

6. Are your employees still getting injured on the job or at home in spite of the Safety initiatives you instill?

7. Are you in need of assistance in formalizing an effective Error Management culture within your company?

8. Would assistance in coaching company teams help in revitalization efforts of Error Management activities?

9. Do you want change or improvement to your Safety, Health and Environment culture?

10. Do you want management and line personnel to be more accountable and responsible for their own performance?

11. Would you like to improve your "bottom line" with a proven human Error Management system?


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