The Center for Error Management


People make mistakes….
For modern business these errors, be they in judgment, values, communications or otherwise are costly. They result in lost revenues and time, lost contracts, accidents, low morale, redundancy and many other factors that strike a direct hit to the bottom line.

THE CENTER FOR ERROR MANAGEMENT has developed a series of broadly applicable and cost-effective tools that impact the bottom-line by reducing, managing and in some cases eliminating human errors from a variety of business processes including yours.


Principals from the Center for Error Management have addressed employees/members of the following organizations:

— Tri-State Generation and Transmission
— Xcel Energy
— Ball Aerospace
— Boeing Aerospace
— AT&T Broadband
— StorageTek
— North Suburban Medical Center
— Parker Fire Department (Colorado)
— Ouray Sportswear
— Arapahoe Community College
— Philmont Scout Ranch
— Cape Canaveral, Vandenberg Air Force Base, San Diego, Harlengen TX
— Thiokol Propulsion
— US Navy
— US Air Force

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“This training really worked for us. During the evening after our first day of error management training we were about to perform a critical team operation. Using two CEM tools we addressed traps with which we were concerned, detected a potential for an incident, got management approval to delay the operation and avoided an incident. The task was completed to satisfaction the next morning.

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